protests spur stress related conditions covid-19 second wave

Protests Spur Stress Related Conditions May Contribute to Covid-19 Second Wave

Stressors such as the ongoing nationwide demonstrations weaken the immune system while the lack of social distancing opens the door to more person-to-person virus transmission, says Dr. Ernst von Schwarz.

“As a result, many of the elderly are even more fearful of venturing outside, especially those living in the cities,” says Dr. von Schwarz. “I have received several phone calls from patients living in the Grove / Fairfax / Mid-Wilshire and Beverly Hills areas in Los Angeles. The patients are complaining about chest pain, anxiety, and they fear to go to even the nearest hospital, especially as the massive protests have turned violent with break-ins, arson, and looting. The stress on the elderly population can be devastating to their cardiovascular and immune systems.”

“Even though most people are protesting peacefully, as a doctor on call I am seeing the consequences in the hospital emergency rooms because of bodily injuries.”

“The increased risk of a potential second wave of Coronavirus infections as a result of lack of social distancing is exacerbated by these large-scale protests. The COVID-19 outbreak in Italy started during a Champions League soccer game with a majority of young soccer fans in the stadium, the outbreak in Germany started in a beer tent, so do we really think that hundreds of people gathering in protests in close proximity will be immune?”

“As a physician I recommend that everyone continue to observe the same guidelines of social distancing and using masks during this difficult phase.”