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Preparing Children’s Return to School

Dr. Ernst von Schwarz advises on how parents should prepare their children for returning to school after the Covid-19 shutdowns. How should schools plan to safeguard student’s safety?

  • Have a word with your children repeatedly regarding the risk not only to themselves about contracting this deadly disease but also the possibility of transmitting Covid – 19 to other family members such as elder grandparents and other high-risk individuals
  • School children should wear masks at all times whenever possible. Exceptions for children under 5 years old must be considered but arrangements should be made as best as possible.
  • For children attending school in person, consider adding hand sanitizer or other forms of disinfectant in their lunchbox or coat pocket
  • Children should be reminded to practice social distancing and to avoid physical contact on the playground or in classrooms as best as possible
  • Upon arriving home from school, children should be conditioned to take a shower, change their clothes, and wash hands before convening with other family members
COVID-19 Preparing Children's Return To School

Should schools be re-opening?

If the “R factor” is below 1, in essence once the transfection rate is declining, schools could be re-opening.

What should schools do?

  • Temperature checks
  • Self administered COVID testing
  • Class sizes should be cut in half
  • Hallways should be one-way systems
  • Breaks should be staggered. – Teachers should wear masks – Students should be told to dress warmly because windows and doors should be kept open for air circulation
  • Make wearing masks mandatory

What should parents do?

  • Have a dialogue with their children
  • Encourage social distancing
  • Encourage wearing masks

What should school kids do?

  • Avoid gathering
  • No hugs or kissing
  • Use hand sanitizers repeatedly
  • Wear masks
  • Shower and change clothes after school

If anyone develops a fever or other symptoms, stay home!

“Good Morning Arizona” asked Dr. von Schwarz about school safety after the Covid-19 shutdowns in this live interview: