Dr. von Schwarz Patient Testimonials

dr schwarz cardiologist patient testimonial garik aleksandyran
I’m alive today because Dr. Schwarz recognized my heart condition that had been misdiagnosed by others for years.

Garik Aleksandyran

dr schwarz cardiologist patient testimonial raymond luddine
After suffering weakness and chest pains for years, thank God I was finally sent to Dr. Schwarz. He admitted me to Cedars Sinai and carried out an angiogram which revealed I had a 100% occlusion on my right artery and 80% blockages in four others. Without Dr. Schwarz, I would not be alive today.

Raymond Luddine

dr schwarz cardiologist patient testimonia laura atallah
In July 2015, I was diagnosed with a very rare lung cancer that only six others worldwide had been diagnosed with. Dr. Schwarz got me to Cedars Sinai and MD Anderson. My entire left lung was removed. I’m alive and well today because of Dr. Schwarz.

Laura Atallah

dr schwarz cardiologist patient testimonial suhailia khashan
Whilst in the hospital, my family were told to make funeral arrangements. They found Dr. Schwarz and asked for a second opinion. He air lifted me to Cedars Sinai where I received a heart transplant.

Suhailia Khashan

dr schwarz cardiologist patient testimonial alan lam
When the hospital diagnosed me with Calciphylaxis, they advised my family and I that I wouldn’t survive. Dr. Schwarz fought to transfer me to Cedars Sinai, he treated me for a year in the hospital and never gave up on me. I have him to thank for my life.

Alan Lam