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Future of Medicine After COVID-19

Los Angeles cardiologist and researcher Dr. Ernst von Schwarz appears on Fox News to explain how COVID-19 is changing the ways that physicians and their patients interact. From the expanded use of telemedicine to the adoption of enhanced safety measures in the medical office, things will never be the same.

Future of Medicine After COVID-19

“Telemedicine is useful and follow – up visits for patients that do not require a full physical examination are now handled via phone, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom or other video media. This trend will definitely continue,” says Dr. von Schwarz.

“We have used telemedicine for many years (initially for the Texas prison system where inmate patients were evaluated via tele media). In some cases, home health nurses are now on-site with the patients to talk with the patient and the doctor. In some cases we can provide an electronic stethoscope so the doctor can remotely listen to the patient’s heart and lungs. In other cases, doctors can provide a high resolution camera to the patient’s home that can be zoomed in to view the patient’s eyes very closely or to examine other body parts that require attention.”

“Finally, many insurance companies have agreed to reimburse telemedicine visits. This allows patients easier access to their doctors without the trouble of traveling to the office clinics and without spending time in waiting rooms. Patients welcome these conveniences and we currently are conducting approximately 40% of our daily patient encounters via tele media. This definitely will continue and will likely increase in the future.”